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Invest a single week. Save thousands of dollars, dozens of meetings and weeks of build time in return...  So what’s the catch

You’re reading this page. Which means that we said something that made you curious about design sprints. Or - more specifically - what design sprints can do for product teams like yours. 

Maybe you read the book Sprint, run a few design sprints yourself and follow everything Jake Knapp does.


Maybe the first time you heard about design sprints was through the video we shared with you a few days ago.

That’s why you can’t help but ask yourself: If design sprints are soooo great - and they can do so much - wouldn’t everyone be running them already? Wouldn’t we be running them?

Well… Everyone is running them. 

Or at least, Google, Lego, Netflix, Slack and Airbnb are running them... And so are the British Museum, KLM and Dun & Bradstreet. And these companies use them too. (We know this because we helped them do it!)

Here’s why design sprints are so popular in companies of different size, with different company cultures, in very different industries:

Building products is exhausting, confusing and time-consuming… Design Sprints make it fun again. 

Just think about it. Even if you start by planning a 4-week “sprint”, you end up with months of building and iterating on a new product or all-star feature before your customers get to see it. As you’re building, you start running out of time and money. And because your resources are already committed, other innovative (and profit generating) ideas get pushed to the side. That’s about the time project fatigue starts kicking in, frustration bubbles and your team gets a little bitter...

The larger and more critical the product, the harder it is to get to the release date. And all around you office politics get more political, team progress slows down and people hang around, waiting on stuff from each other. 


Thousands of hours, dollars and meetings later, the light at the end of the product release tunnel seems more and more distant.

It doesn’t matter what your project is or how badass your team is: traditional roadmaps and timelines destroy momentum 

Maybe you’re launching an entire new product with a fantastic partner, like our clients Inception XR who decided to build a futuristic AR app that made reading fun for kids while partnering with Penguin. 

Working with RED was great. They used the Sprint Method to help us conceive what our Augmented Reality product should actually be. Together, we quickly created a prototype and tested it with real potential users. The Sprint gave our project the right boost to then go ahead and execute, bringing it to market just a few months later!

Dana Porter, Co-Founder & CMO Inception XR

Or maybe you struggle communicating what you bring to the table to new clients even though you know that your product is perfect for them. Well… that’s exactly what we helped OpenLegacy with. In a short, intense design sprint, we helped them create a prototype that clearly showed their value in a way their clients could understand. A few months after building an MVP, they raised 20 mil in a C round. All because they solved the first big problem with a simple design sprint…

We were stuck for months trying to figure out how we can solve our biggest conversion problem, and in the first two days of the sprint, it became crystal clear- our team was aligned, like never before. This project just took off after and seriously impacted our business direction.


Ilan Tsabary, VP Products at OpenLegacy Inc.

Or maybe you’re setting major KPIs for your app and you want to know just what’s possible - and what you should focus on first - like PrioriPark. Check out what we did with their awesome team:

It was an awesome experience. Within 2 working days from our side and overall 4 working days, we went from a basic idea to a complete specification of our product.I was really impressed with the way RED carried it out.

Reuven Gamzon, Co-Founder & CEO, PrioriPark

Now that you know what design sprints can do for you… How do they actually work? 

A design sprint helps you answer this question: Will our users actually want this?

Here’s how it works:

Day 1

That’s when we kick off the conversation about the biggest challenges you’re trying to solve. By the time we break for lunch, the team will be ready to tackle the 2-3 key challenges blocking you from hitting your goal.  After lunch, we’ll create viable solutions together using a bias-reducing way to get feedback that makes you feel comfortable sharing. Everyone contributes to this - not just the creative folk. 

Day 2

As you step into the conference room on day 2, the walls will be filled with dozens of solutions, ready to be reviewed by the team and voted on. After deciding on the TOP solution, we’ll dedicate the second half of the day to planning the exact prototype you will test on your users on Day 4.

Day 3

Day 3 will be dedicated to creating and designing that prototype, a real, tangible product your users can test out.

Day 4

On the final day, we’ll show the prototype to 5 users, conduct interviews with each and walk away with a final answer whether the product is relevant for our market and if users will want it. In just 4 days, you’ll know if this product is worth spending time on. 

Walk away with a
user-tested prototype and an exact answer to: “Will my audience buy this?”

Designed to pull the best ideas and execution from the smartest minds in your organization, the design sprint will allow you to test quickly, and immediately save thousands of dollars, hours and resources in the process.

Ready to run a design sprint with us?


We’ve run Design Sprints for cool AR companies like Bookful, for Fortune 500 giants like HP, Silicon Valley unicorns like Gather Voices, SundaySky, FeedVisor, NRGene and small local companies.
And now we’d love to run one with you. 

Hi there, we’re RED-ID and we’ve been running Design Sprints for years. 

Since learning - and adapting - this method, we’ve run over a hundred workshops and trained teams worldwide using this methodology. We’ve taught companies like TUI Group, HP, Loreal, Feedvisor and Kenshoo to use this system and make smart decisions, fast. We’d love to do this with you and your team too. 

Ready to run a design sprint with us?


I was amazed at how productive our remote workshop was, and the innovative ideas and solutions that we were able to come up with were amazing. Using tools like Zoom and Mural we're simple to learn, and allowed us to all be in a productive and innovative “zone”. I want to point out another thing, the facilitator. I felt that the facilitator always kept us on track, focused on our goals. Although we were able to doze off into our creative minds, the facilitation always kept our solutions in line with our goals.

Yifat Soberano, Director of Product at Kenshoo Apps

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