9 out of 10 products fail!
Is your product going to be one of them?

Define, build and test a prototype of your concept on your future audience in just 4 days, with top professional that will guide you through the process with a smile :)

Innovate better and faster using Design Sprints  

Starting a new product is not simple

A new project is born and everybody is excited. Planning starts, meetings are held and before you know it the team dive into endless busy work. Teams wait and wait… scope changes… work goes down the drain and worse of all - project fatigue kicks in. 

...and it can easily get worse

Before you know it, months pass and your customers haven't met your ideas yet :( Alignment is lost and other stuff gets prioritized because you have no evidence this product actually solves real life pains.  

Believe it or not, You are not alone

9 out of 10 products fail because they don't solve a real market need. Companies spend millions of dollars and cancel projects because they are late to the market or are not tuned to their target audience.

So what can be done?

To overcome this, Jake Knapp, from Google, developed the “Google Design Sprint” - a structured process that was tested on hundreds or companies and adopted by many market leading companies. It is a less-than-a-week process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days. 

Over more than a decade, RED-ID has helped some of the best companies in the world design their product and bring them successfully to the market. We have decided to completely adopt the Design Sprint as we realized it’s the fastest and most reliable process available to start coping with new challenges. Guided by Jake Knapp, We have perfected the process and made it seamless, effective and fun.

Clearly define your goal and challenges

Get your team aligned and excited around a shared vision

Build a high fidelity prototype

Communicate the product’s user experience and value proposition

Test your ideas with real users

Validate your product-market fit

Reuven Gamzon

Co-Founder & CEO, PrioriPark

I must say it was an awesome experience.

Within 2 working days from our side and overall 4 working days, we went from a basic idea to a complete specification of our product - and on top of it all, I was really impressed with the way RED carried it out.

Dan Ben Amar

CTO, Rapid Image

Who knew you can actually enjoy UI/UX meetings ? Who knew what a design sprint it?

Ram and his team take you on a voyage of your product, your goals and suddenly you understand that it's much more than UI/UX you're talking about, it's your core business.

So you're thinking, and laughing and enjoying the process but then, there's delivery, and instant end-user responses, it's the end of the POC

Dana Porter

Co-Founder, CMO

Working with RED was great.

They used the Sprint Method to help us conceived what our Augmented Reality product should actually be. Together, we quickly created a prototype and tested it with real potential users. The Sprint gave our project the right boost to then go ahead and execute, bringing it to market only a few months later!

Some of Our Smart Clients

About Us

Ever since we established RED-ID, we saw a very clear trend: A demand for faster Innovations along with higher technical quality and better user experience. This keeps putting pressure on our clients and on us. Everybody struggles to focus, align and stand out in this ever-changing market where the cost of failure keeps rising due to missed opportunities.

We’ve been helping ambitious startups, corporations and organisations innovate since 2006. Throughout the years, we’ve always stayed ahead of the game, always seeking new and innovative ways. When we first heard about Design Sprints we were quite skeptical, but decided to try it in hope it will solve many of our difficulties. Early in 2018 we ran our first sprint and fell in-love instantly. The sprint helped us clarify our offering and validate our work. It was both fun, effective and easy to explain and most of all - our clients loved it!

Following that sprint, we decided to focus on Design Sprint and perfect the process. We learned and got certified by Jake Knapp and his partners. Since then, we ran dozens of sprints in various domains like fintech, adtech, genomics, AR and even museums! We accumulated tons of experience and perfected the process to our clients delight.
The Sprint has become a central concept in each project we are engaged with bringing into our design the spirit of efficiency, process clarity, market validation and speed.

The Sprint has been working for us, We know it can work for you too!

Meet Your Facilitators

Ram Almog

Ram is a technologist with a film degree, has vast experience with digital products, and is also in a jazz band! Ram is our chief strategist, and has been helping companies reinvent their businesses for over 20 years. He also mentors start-ups in various incubators and gives lectures and workshops worldwide.

Orit Zetouni Sade

Orit is a partner at RED, and has been creating loveable digital products for over 15 years. She has a B.A. in Fine Art, and an M.A. in Design for Interactive Media. She also teaches UX and design thinking at leading universities, and gives lectures and workshops worldwide.our collections.

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