Welcome to


Design Sprint  Breakfast

RED-ID Invites you to get familiar with the process that became a synonym to innovation in Silicon Vally


Welcome to RED-ID's Design Sprint Breakfast. Our menu includes a delicious breakfast, good coffee and speedy innovation process.

If you are all for rapid, strategy based, user centered , data driven innovative processes, you can definitely gain a lot from this event.

Our introduction to this methodology  will include some theoretical background and and quickly we'll dive into a hands-on workshop that will teach the  main principles  of the Google Design Sprint. The workshop is also a stand alone method which you can use in meeting to solve problems fast, without having endless discussions.

When you leave, you'll end up with  a practical framework for running meeting you will be able to immediately implement in your organisation.

Who should attend?

  • Innovation leaders

  • Executives at large companies

  • Startup founders

  • CEO's

  • Entrepreneurs

Who will lead the workshop?

The workshop will be led by Ram Almog, RED-ID CEO, A serial entrepreneur, partner and investor in several successful startups.

Ram led the development of products sold all over the world. In the last 14 years, Ram is the CEO of RED-ID - A strategic design and innovation consultancy.

Ram gives lectures and workshops about innovation and product management around the world helping corporate and startups re-invent their products.


09:30 - 09:45


10:30 - 09:45

Delicious Breakfast

10:50 - 10:30

Design Sprint Lecture

12:00 - 10:50

Innovation Workshop

12:30 - 12:00


The Venue

The event will take place at DECA, one of the best upscale restaurants in Tel-Aviv.


Ha'Taasia St. 10, Tel Aviv

Free parking available 

Accessible for disabled people