As practiced by leading companies and startups. A tested structured system that will make your decision process fun and easy. A Complete how to guide that will take you step by step into the world of efficient decision making. 

What is a design sprint

The Design Sprint 2.0 is a structured process for solving big problems fast that was developed at Google by Jake Knapp and perfected on 100's of start ups at Google Ventures. In just 4 days, you'll be able to create a prototype of your idea, and test it on 5 real users.

The greatest benefit of the process is that you'll quickly know what product/service/feature you should be developing. It is now used by leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Lego, Slack, and many more. The Google Design Sprint is like nothing you've seen before, and is a great way of finding market fit and igniting innovation.

When to Run a Design Sprint

When starting a new project

When starting a new project

When you want to validate a business idea

Why Use Design Sprints?

  • Instead of spending months of work trying to bring an MVP to the market, without knowing that we are building the right product - in a design sprint you get a good understanding on product-market fit in less than a week.

  • The sprint puts everybody on the same page, so when we continue our development we can keep our focus on the probelm we are trying to solve  and the way we agreed to solve it.

  • The Sprint Exposes the company to new and innovative ways to do things. The process and exercises impact the way we run products, discussion, customer research and the way can we quickly pursue business opportunities 

About Us

Ever since we established RED-ID, we saw a very clear trend: A demand for faster Innovations along with higher technical quality and better user experience. This keeps putting pressure on our clients and on us. Everybody struggles to focus, align and stand out in this ever-changing market where the cost of failure keeps rising due to missed opportunities.

We’ve been helping ambitious startups, corporations and organisations innovate since 2006. Throughout the years, we’ve always stayed ahead of the game, always seeking new and innovative ways. When we first heard about Design Sprints we were quite skeptical, but decided to try it in hope it will solve many of our difficulties. Early in 2018 we ran our first sprint and fell in-love instantly. The sprint helped us clarify our offering and validate our work. It was both fun, effective and easy to explain and most of all - our clients loved it!  

Following that sprint, we decided to focus on Design Sprint and perfect the process. We learned and got certified by Jake Knapp and his partners. Since then, we ran dozens of sprints in various domains like fintech, adtech, genomics, AR and even museums! We accumulated tons of experience and perfected the process to our clients delight.  

The Sprint has become a central concept in each project we are engaged with bringing into our design the spirit of efficiency, process clarity, market validation and speed.
The Sprint has been working for us, We know it can work for you too!

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